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Accurate, exclusive Netflix measurement is here

News / 6th March 2020

Netflix measurement

Netflix measurement

Digital-i is one step closer to our mission to establish a standardised global measurement for the world’s most popular streaming platform: Netflix.

Because, now we know for sure that our measurement is accurate. 

We compared our 2019 data with Netflix’s releases of their UK & Ireland top 10s and we matched almost every single one. 

Netflix doesn’t say exactly how they ranked these, but through a process of filtering our data and titles by the first 28 days of their launch then looking at reach, and performing estimates for titles which hadn’t yet been on Netflix for 28 days – we got a match!

Netflix Measurement Top SeriesNetflix Measurement Top MoviesNetflix Measurement Top Kids

Bearing in mind that:

1) Netflix have census data and we have sample data (following the same principle as BARB)
2) Netflix are infamously opaque about their viewing figures and ranking calculations (so we don’t know exactly how they create their reach figures)
3) We report on households not accounts.

This news is incredible for us, and confirms without a doubt that we are on track to achieving our goal of global, accurate and comprehensive Netflix measurement.

We know how useful this data can be to the media industry, especially in the midst of streaming wars, content proliferation and traditional TV outlets battling to remain relevant. This data takes away the guess work and allows the media industry to start to compete and learn from Netflix’s success. 

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The industry is not standing still and so neither are we. We’ve been working tirelessly to perfect our Netflix measurement model, so that the industry can finally understand the magic recipe to SVOD success.


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